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192.com Case Study

192.com offers the most comprehensive and leading online directory of people and businesses in the UK – its rich databases hold more than 900 million records. This wealth of information appeals to the widest possible customer base, with the website receiving 40 million page views and 15 million visits a month. The company operates in a progressive, rapidly evolving market and its technical team supports an exciting roadmap of new mobile and conventional web-based consumer and business products and services.

The Challenge

192.com is technologically, highly advanced and uses the latest, cutting-edge systems. This means that the majority of recruitment drives are looking to attract talent in applicant-driven markets, as the skill sets required by cutting-edge technology are in extremely high demand.

Following a restructure, the company no longer had an internal HR/recruitment function and was looking for a flexible, outsourced partner to support its recruitment activity, in particular for their technology team. This would take away the pressure and time burden from the hiring managers, while managing the agency relationships and applicant tracking.

The Solution
The Result

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