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Eiser Infrastructure Case Study

In 2010, EISER Infrastructure Partners announced the acquisition of the general partner of the EISER Global Infrastructure Fund (formerly ABN AMRO Global Infrastructure Fund) from Fortis Investments. EISER was formerly wholly-owned by Fortis Investments, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Investment Partners Group. The partners in EISER completed a management buy-out to become a single, independent entity.

The Challenge

Prior to the management buy-out, all of EISER’s back office services – including HR – were supplied by Fortis. Our challenge was to consult with the existing employees to move them across from Fortis as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to transfer all of EISER’s HR operations to a new, self-sufficient system, with no drop in the quality of service.

Our Approach
The Solution
The Result

PlusHR’s HR outsourcing package is ideal for our needs, providing us with a high quality, complete HR and payroll service. It’s just like having our own HR Team, but at a fraction of the cost.

Hans Meissner
EISER Infrastructure

Eiser Infrastructure

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